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    Been a long time since i started my pwc!! any maintnance tips before i start it up??

    waverunner has been sitting for about 9months without being started. same oil and about a half a tank chilln in it. battery was dead so i charged it but im wondering if i have to do anything maintnance wise before i power it up??????

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    Pump the old fuel.
    Run injection cleaner with new fuel.
    Change the spark plugs after the 1st tank.
    Change oil & filter if its due.
    Rip on...

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    What kind of ski is it?

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    change the oil every season of riding but you can get it started first with fresh gas

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    Before the initial start....

    Spray bomb lube down the injector ports as well as through the spark plug holes and crank the engine holding the throttle down with the spark plugs out. This will lube the cylinders and valves as well reprime your internal bearings and valve train.

    This will help prevent a dry start.

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