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    2005 rxt 215 ic sc rpms ?

    where should my rpms be for a rxt 215 sc right now i am at 7500 55mph does this sound about right?

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    Oh hell no, it don't sound right.'s a 120 degrees where you ride and you face a 30mph head wind all the time?

    You should be seeing 8150rpm and a dreamo speed of 70....on a nice cool 80 degree day with like glass conditions.

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    Sounds just like symptoms when the Supercharger Clutch is bad - NO BOOST

    I wouldn't run it all , unless you KNOW that the Clutch is not the OEM Ceramic...
    IF it is (or you don't know) , you will need to cross your fingers and hope that the
    ceramic can be cleaned out without engine damage.
    DON"T RUN THAT ENGINE until you know. The ceramics do a lot of damage

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    Take it from me, it's not fun when the ceramics go everywhere, check it ASAP. There is a how to on pulling the sc

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