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    Exclamation 96 slt 780 spark intermittent

    Hello, first time user, just bought 2 jet skis, finished a top end rebuild on 96 slt 780, went to start, no spark, opened cdi, both fuses are blown, disconnected the mdf, it began sparking on front cylinder, tried again, spark on all three but it is weak and then it stopped sparking completely when i moved the cdi box. Does this sound like a grounding issue? Keep in mind there is no fuses. How do the fuses affect this spark? I am new to pwc's all the way around, any ideas on where to start?

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    Fuses are only for MFD display and bilge pump.

    See my signature links for some wiring and ground checking information.

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    Thanks, i will check it out and let you know.

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