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    What does a buck feel like? Ski behaving weird at wot with worx grate.

    Got a weird feeling yesterday when riding without my seat. The ski ran very strong , got up to top speed and started to feel real quirky . It wasn`t very precise on direction (kept "searching" for a direction) and bobbed in the water . Meh it`s kinda hard for me to explain but it`s something different than what I`ve felt before. Until now when the I would hit some wakes or waves the nose bobbed up and down and the rear felt planted. Pivoting on the ride plate if you will. Right now it was bobbing up and down but the ski was horizontal, like it was jumping out of the water.
    Could it be because of the extra air it was getting from running without a seat ?

    I`m really not keen on going face first into the water at 80 km/h plus so share some ideas.

    Just finished going through all the preparation phases , final checks for all the parts I fitted and started tweaking the small stuff.

    The setup is:
    Power :4 degree keyway, efi controller, d-plate, jet-works, milled head for 150psi compression (although I never checked), vf3 + oside-bill stuffers,rossnemo sonic-boom tb, free-flow exhaust.
    Pump: r&d anti-cav cone, 14/20 dynafly , worx intake grate, stock plate,RIVA extended al trim tabs , extended steering nozzle, 3 degree 87 mm xlt nozzle .

    Other stuff : Went to wide mx bars , minuscule tachometer/hour meter ,1100gph (or is it lph) bilge pump on switch rather than auto.

    Full tank, 95 kg rider, 4 l of oil in the front compartment.

    Not on the ski: R&d 1200 grate , Riva power filter , R&D plate with ff mod

    On another note. The ski handles very well, rides on the top of waves in the chop rather than hitting each and every wave head on . Speed wise I`m only a tad slower than my friends stock FZR. The gpr handles incomparably better. It will spit you off if you turn and are not braced .
    Not looking for more speed , just looking to maximize performance .

    So what do you guys think ? Ditch the works grate ? Air-flow mods?

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    .....could be alot of things w/o the benefit of more specifics...however, you mentioned worx grate. I had the the rear screws back out slightly from one of my ski grates and wasn't aware of it until it acted odd at WOT...perhaps something is loose in the pump/handling package area (?).

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