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    XPDI troubleshooting

    Hello, I have a 2004 xpdi that won't start. Just installed new fuel pump/ filter. I verified that I do have spark and it is getting fuel. Compression is 155 and 160psi. Ski turns over fine just won't fire. I was thinking maybe bad ground? Should I have continuity between the spark plug ground posts and the ground point by the starter on the block? Of the base of the spark plug and ground point? Bc I do not. I do have continuity from one end of ground cable to the other. Here is a video of what it's doing. Im stumped. Please help

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    Chek air injectors. Air pressure from the compressor. Inside it has a diaphragm that can brake and not rise air pressure to the injectors . Did you hear the pump when putting the lan yard. ?

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