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    2007 speedster 150 n/a

    ok so i just bought this boat 3 weeks ago. it had been sitting idle for 2 years. it has 15 total hours on it. the seller said that he drained the old fuel and filled with fresh fuel(i have no reason to doubt him, i know him personally).

    i changed the spark plugs changed the oil and took it out. it seems to run ok for about 10-15 min then willbog down/surge at anything past idle and basically run like shit until i let it sit for 20-30 min. then it will run fine for another 10 min or so.

    candoo shows no fault codes.
    compression is 180-185 cylinder

    pulled plugs and they look white (from 2 stroke experience i would assume lean, although im not sure about 4 strokes)

    i am leaning to a fuel delivery problem (i suspect bad gas/fuel filter or injector problem)

    anyone have any suggestions? i feel like blowing this boat up

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    Start with the fuel filter and check the fuel pressure from the pump,

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