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    95 Polaris slx780 raw exhaust

    Hi guyz,
    Its the newbie here, having some issues with my slx780. I recently changed the starter, installed new battery and cut back the spark plus wires to impove on the spark. The current issue I am having is when I I start the ski on a trailer I am noticing black liquid coming from exhaust and not sure what to make of it...

    Any help is appreciated...

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    Welcome to The Hulk!

    I it is most likely left over water in the exhaust mixed with soot / Unburned fuel and oil. Would not be concerned unless you have a continuous stream of it.

    Are you hooked up to the garden hose?

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    Thanks for the quick reply! first I took it to the lake and started it on the trailer with the back into the water but kept shutting down on idle. took is home and started it briefly without hose for less that a minute and the black stuff was dripping then decided to shut it down. should I hook it up to the hose and run it for longer to see if it goes away??


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    Were carbs recently cleaned/rebuilt?
    Are they set to specs?
    Fuel lines upgraded to ethanol safe grade?

    Little bit of black stuff coming out from exhaust now and then is normal, but seeing it all the times means you're running rich. Too rich will kill your idle, acceleration even flood your engine making it real difficult to start in water.

    If you've just acquired this ski then I'd like to suggest getting to know it by reading up this link below, lots of good info there:

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    Even mor info via my signature links.

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