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    02 FX140 RPM Issue

    My father in law bought a 02 fx140 and it runs well but when it is first started and intermittingly with not completely spin up to 10K RPM you will have it fully pinned and the tach will only say 8000 rpms but after a while it will take off back up to 10K rpms. I am a 2 stroke person so I am new to the 4 stroke tendencies. Is this normal or is this something I have to look into? The motor has 135 hours on it and the oil is at a good level and there is are no Mods (yet ). Also since I am just getting back into waverunners does anyone run sta bil ethanol treatment in their fuel?

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    I have been doing some research and a couple other people had this same issue and it appears to be either plugs or air filter. I am going to order plugs and RIVA FX Power Filter to replace the stock one. Anything else I should be looking for? Also I have not been able to find anything about people running ethanol treatment in their fuel does the ethanol in the fuel not bother these 4 and 2 stroke motors?

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