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    Putting New Ski in Saltwater 1st time... Prep help?

    Bought plenty or fluid film going to coat engine and and any metal stuff in hull and spray around pump and reverse gate. Got some special wand 360 degree spray from them, its pretty cool. Any other ideas? I put in and take out everyday wash out engine compartment and outside with fresh water and flush out (guess that's just exhaust flushing?) Be around Siesta Key FL.

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    I have always been putting my ski in salt water because that is all that is around here. But you can coat the engine with some seadoo spray, then after you finish wash the ski well and then apply spray again and you will be all good thats what ive been doing.

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    or fluid film

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    I use Boeing T-9.

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    after ride be sure to wash inside and out thoroughly with fresh water, tilt the ski way back on the trailer to let all water run out.
    then dry inside of ski with leaf blower or let sit open until dry. if you prep with good protectant prior to ever going out you will be light years ahead in protection.
    pay special attention to engine mounts, i havent seen much else inside the hull corrode or rust. look for the clamps on the coolant system that go to the rideplate, those rust badly too.
    salt really isnt the enemy for the ride, its the enemy when it sits inside the ski afterwards and keeps the ski perpetually damp inside. corroding electronics and molding the inside of the ski.
    dried salt deposits will act like a sponge, absorb moisture out of the air, and keep whatever is crusted in salt damp all the time.
    also if an rxp good time to check the condition of your VTS boot and clamps
    dont forget a tow rope and flares , safety kit, maybe even a vhf radio... if riding in open water.
    also bring a few bottles of water to drink... and rinse th esalt off your shades

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