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    1996 780 Bilge and Engine ?

    Ok first one is an easy ?. When I reattach Battery Bilge runs continuously. I bought another bilge but it has a diagram that shows a float being involved. Was the rule 360 GPH a cycling pump or is there a float somewhere?
    The second is a little harder to explain but when running after going for a while it with start to act like it is missing out of time or something. After hitting a few big wakes it will run like a champ again.
    Thank in advance for any help.

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    Ok one other thing, it won't engage starter to engine. So I think the Brains on it think that it is running.

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    So after a great deal of reading on this forum(very informative) I beleave I need to remove the starter an inspect/replace/ work on the bendix. Just how hard is that exhaust elbow to remove I have loosen big bolts; however, the one bolt cannot be loosened toi point of removal because of hull. Also have remove to mounting bolts that connect to motor mount. One carriage bolt needs removed but I gotta get stubby wrenches for that task.
    1) do I need to remove the elbow?

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    The bilge should run all the time when the ski is running. If it runs all the time as yo describe, there is a wiring problem or the voltage regulator has failed. My friends SLH did the same thing. Ended up the regulator was shot. Take a look at the wiring diagram to make sure everything is hooked up correctly.

    The bendex is accessed by removing the stator cover. You dont need to remove the exhaust.

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    Thanks the wiring has never been changed. but if you had to remove exhaust isnt that a pain in the arse?
    Stator cover? I am not sure what that is, referred as the magneto?

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    Yes, its a pain to disconnect. Not sure that you can even get the pipe out without unbolting the motor.

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    Ghost has answrred a couple of your Q's.

    1. Check your regulator for the bilge running all the time.

    2. Check your ground wire connections at the battery and engine plate. Also loose engine plate bolts (under motor) can be an issue.

    I had a stator failing like that once. Got warm and acted up, but occaissionally would hit a few waves and take off.

    3. Bendix is behind the flywheel inside the magneto cover/elec stator cover. Exh pipe doesn't need to come out to do that.

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