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    Towing a wakeboard/tube with a Yamaha 650?


    Well before I embarrass myself on the river, has anyone tried to pull a wake boarder or a tube with this ski or one of comparable size and power?

    Looking at about 210lbs on the ski between driver and flagger, and 170lbs for the boarder in the water. I don't own my own wake-board, so before I go buy one I might as well make sure our ski can get somebody out of the water! Searched already Thanks!

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    Im sure you would probably embarrass yourself. Not enough power. Even if it had enough power, you should check your local laws. Around here you need to have at least a 3 seater so that all three of you could ride out if you had to.

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    I have pulled a tube, my son on a kneeboard, and even 200'ish lb people on waterskis behind our 700 (95HP) Polaris Virage.

    It works hard getting them out of the hole, but it does it, and once your up and going its just fine.

    I'd borrow a wakeboard before buying one to find out for sure if it's going to be workable, but I'd try it.

    The advice regarding needing a 3 seater to be legal is wise though. 2 seaters are rarely legal for towing.

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