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    No water come out of the water box when I try to clear it out.

    I have a 1997 Kawasaki 1100 stx and when I got done riding today I started to motor to blow out any of the water the was in the water box. The problem was that no water came out and it usually does. I didn't think much of it until I got home and hooked it up to the hose to flush the motor. I let it run for 5 or 6 min the cut the water off and the turned off the jet ski. Right when I killed the motor I heard water poor out of the back of the jet ski like someone had emptied a bucket of water. I started the Jetski back up and went to blow the water out of the water box but one again nothing came out. The inside of ski was dry so what ever water was in there poured out before I restarted the ski and bumped the throttle.

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    Any ideas at all about this would be great, I am just not sure where to even start. Heck maybe it was broken before and now it's fixed. Is all the water in the cooling / propulsion system supposed to poor out of the bottom of the Jetski when you turn it off?

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    Are you getting any water out the peehole when you're on the water? (That doesn't necessarily mean that you're getting water in all the right places in the engine, however).

    Remove the hose from the pump and blow through it to make sure it's not blocked. In fact, do that for all the cooling lines. I'd bet the the passage under the oil pump on the front of the engine is plugged, but that wouldn't cause the problem you're describing.

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    Water was coming out of the peehole while on the water and on the hose.
    What ever water is in the system stays there till i turn the ski off. It's just wierd..
    I will try blowing the ski when I get home.

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