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    96 slt780 fuel pump question

    ok, fresh top end rebuild, figured out my spark problem, no no gas flow, Should i hear the fuel pump? At what point does it kick on during starting? Everything else is good, starts and runs great when fuel put in carbs. I dont even see fuel going through line. Also, above the tank there is a container that is full of fuel, what is that and what does it do. this is my first ski, go easy on me....

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    The fuel pump is not an electric kind you hear. It's a diaphragm pump that works off a pressure pulse from the crankcase. You won't be able to hear the pump over the starter or engine. It's working anytime the engine is turning over/running. Did you rebuild the fuel pump? You already have the good pentagon-shaped high flow pump and the Mikuni rebuild kit is only ~$16. If not, I guess that could be an issue... or perhaps it's hooked up wrong. Maybe the pulse line is hooked to the wrong port... in which case it won't pump.

    By container full of fuel... I'm guessing you mean the fuel/water separator plastic jar (and not the oil tank). It should be full of fuel. If it appears to have two layers of fluid in it, then it also has water in the bottom and should be drained.

    Have you checked the fuel selector switch? Make sure it's 'ON' (I don't recall is '96 SLT has reserve). Those have been known to be restricting and/or blocking of fuel flow. You can bypass it to test or for temp repair. Also if you have an inline fuel filter, check that for blockage or restriction.


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