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    2000 gp1200 Starting and running problems

    First off, I have searched the forum and found some good info, but I have some other questions...

    I just bought this ski. When I bought it, it started right up several times. I took it home and it sat in my garage for about 10 days w/o being started. Then I took it out to the water and it had a hard time starting (seems like a common problem with this ski...needs to be started often?) Finally it got started and was running good. I took it full throttle for awhile and the red "Warning" light came on. I turned it off, and then started it back up, and the light went off. Seemed to run fine, but I didn't hold it at full throttle anymore...close though. I ran for about an hour and it ran good. Then all of a sudden I would lose power. I would be holding down on the throttle, and nothing. I would stop it, start it back up and it would run for 30-40 seconds getting power, and same thing, it would just lose power.

    Took it back to the dock and just let it rest for a bit. Started it up again and full throttle and the thing would only go 7mph tops!

    Now it is in my garage and I can't get it to start. Tried the next day a few times, and now it is 4 days later and couldn't get it to start tonight. It cranks, but it wont stay running.

    So please tell me your thoughts. TIA

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    You may have had a piston seize. Check the compression and report back.

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    after checking the compression see if you can find oil in the hull. You may have dropped an oil line. If everything looks ok then your carbs might be in need of a rebuilt. I just had the exact same problem with my xlt. Shut down in rough water and would only go 3-4mph. Idled fine on the hose but under load it would run worth a damn.

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    I haven't checked compression yet because I need to buy the tool, which I will do tonight.

    So I was testing spark on each of the plugs, and the thing starts up without the 2nd plug in, but it won't start up with it in. The obvious fix is a new spark plug, but even if it was a bad spark plug, shouldn't it still start since it can start without one in there at all?

    Can anyone shed any light on this?

    Is it harmful to run for 30 seconds in my garage w/ a missing plug?

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    okay so I checked the compression and I basically don't have any in the 2nd cylinder. So I know this is bad bad can it be? What is my best possible scenario?

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    You'll most likely have to completely tear the engine down to clean the debris. Best case scenario is that the crank is ok and you'll just need one piston and cylinder.

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    A child of five would understand this. Go get one. pierowman's Avatar
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    Also youll want to root cause the problem. Did an oil line come off, is the carb out of adjustment, did you spin a ring, ...

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    I can't figure out how to get to the last 2 bolts on the head gasket cover. They are covered by the exhaust manifold which I have no idea how to move.

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    I decided it is too much for me. I have done some work on cars, but I am no mechanic.

    I talked to one mechanic, best case scenario I only need one new piston and cylinder and it will be $800. Worst case scenario it is a new motor and that will be $2600.

    I was so happy to get this jet ski, and this happened on MY VERY FIRST RIDE! I am so bummed out. The thing is, there didn't even seem to be any warning signs that something was wrong. It was running fine, and then flipped like a switch to having problems.

    I am contemplating spending the money to fix it and just hope I can get a good amount of fun out of it, or just selling it as is and cutting my losses and ending my short hobbie period of jet skis.

    What a bummer.

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    Sorry to hear about your loss buddy, it sucks seeing it just sit there broke down, I know. Just out of curiosity, how many hours are on the ski and is there anything performance wise done to it that you know of?
    Hope you get it back on the water asap...

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