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    1998 Yamaha 1200W leaking bad

    I have a crazy leak. The ski takes on a little water when its first placed in the water. I have looked for the leak and it appears to be coming from under the motor area. While under idle I can't see any water coming in. If the ski is ran fast it takes on more water (fills to the bottom of motor) but the water in the ski is cold. I have taken the ski out filled it with water and zero water leaks out. There is a tiny drop of water on the steering cable if it is moved back and forth but not enough to cause the amount of water in the ski. Any ideas out there? Thanks

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    Maybe the leak is from the seal behind the intermediate shaft housing or the main cooling hose from the jetpump to the engine.

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    You may have a leak in the inlet line to the engine , it comes in under the engine . Check it out as it only supplies water when the pump is pumping .

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    strap it down tight to the trailer back it into the water and give it some throttle with seat off.

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