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    How quickly do you get bored with your ski?

    Well I'm in my third year of riding now. First year I had some Tigershark 770s, second year some GSX Ltds, and now Superjets and an RXP. It was a blast riding the Tigersharks up at Erie on the waves, as were the GSXs for a while but it seems like the heavier the skis get the fun factor plummets. It could be that the Superjet has a spoiled me, but I quickly get bored riding the RXP, despite having a bunch of go-fast parts on it. I'll do a few laps around the local resivoir, spin it a few times, do a little bit of carving, then I'm bored as shit and demanding my Superjet back.

    Anyone else have this same problem?

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    It all depends on your riding style.

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    I had no idea such a thing as being bored on a ski was possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bruceg View Post
    I had no idea such a thing as being bored on a ski was possible.

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    Huh, maybe I'm just weird. It's just too big of a ski for me to have fun on despite the power! If only they could stuff that motor in something 200-300lb lighter...

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    You should try closed course racing than. That will take that boredom with ski right out of you

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    Maybe it's time for you to switch hobbies? Something a bit more thrilling? Perhaps needle point?

    All kidding aside. I love riding and I just happen to be in a part of the country where I can only (realistically) ride maybe 3 months out of the year - okay 5 if I wanna freeze. So, I never get enough time in to get bored.

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    I am in the same boat, have a modded RXP. It gets ta bit boring just like you stated.
    If you are looking for a thrill ride, try an S1000RR, it will put a smile on your face each and every time you ride it.

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    You need a bigger lake or different lake/river with other scenery, I found that its much less boring if you have someone to ride with. On our local lake it takes about 10 minutes & I'm bored, but if I go to a large body of water I can ride all afternoon & then I'm tired before bored.

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    well, you CAN get bored, but i still have not got this feeling yet, its coming up, but not yet, its been 3 years that ive been riding around my lake,
    being the jetskis i have, i dont like to travel far, who knows what could happen?

    this is my routine, after work i go to the ramp, put them in water, go to a local boat ramp, see what is up there, then go the other way, to the beach, i do this 2-3 times, if the water permits it, i WOT it,
    or i end up doing some carves, or just cruising around...

    it seems that someone might get bored doing this, and i would understand, as its the constantly the "same" thing....

    but knowing the place well, i slowly venture out further and further......

    to me, jetski'ing isnt about sitting on a couch, and pressing with my thumb ..
    i go for swims, some carves, top speed runs, races...

    everytime i ride, its me and someone else, we end up having another friend tag along...
    trying out cruising in formations, so on...

    what else i do is chase a big yacht or cargo ship, and , please note, not JUMP the wake but ride over it, like "sideways"
    so you end up being almost perpendicular to the ground, or so on,, maybe a small jump here and there.....

    what else you could do? well why not explore? (even though you cant on most lakes...), or bring along a small box with lures and a fishing pole?

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