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    Haven't posted in a little while. I raced the Triple Crown Offshore Endurance Championship in the 4 stroke stock class. This class is for bolt on parts added to supercharged skis. I used my Riva powered VXR to win the title. Keep riding those VXR's they are sweet and fast... Ryan
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    I have tried to search the forum but haven't found much about ECU upgrades for the 1,8 N/A, I realise that the tuning effect is higher on a SC motor, but some real-life experience from those who have flashed their ECU in the VXR/VXS or the 1,8 N/A in general would be very interesting.

    Dean's team has a tune which together with a new and re-pitched impeller shall deliver higher top speed but above all much better acceleration? Has anyone here ridden a VXR with that tune and can give me some impressions/comparison vs stock skis?

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    Any input on the Worx WR317 rideplate for the VXR ?

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    I'm pretty sure I'm going to get one of these babies. Haven't had a ski since 2010 and want to get back on one while I'm able too. I keep looking at the VX HO and wondered why it's cheaper than the VXR? Both have the same 1.8 motor right?

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    Both have the same motor ,1.8 HO . The two differences which I'm aware of are the seat and trim. The VX Cruiser seat has a nub at the end of the seat and MAY also be stepped seating . It also has the cruise / no wake.

    The VXR has electric trim along with a flat second and third seat with no nub . I personally think the trim is worth the extra $$ especially if your ocean riding . I usually ride either standing or kneeling . With the nub at the end kneeling wouldn't be possible for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 03stx12f View Post
    I'm pretty sure I'm going to get one of these babies. Haven't had a ski since 2010 and want to get back on one while I'm able too. I keep looking at the VX HO and wondered why it's cheaper than the VXR? Both have the same 1.8 motor right?
    The current VX Cruiser HO is the same hull and engine as the 2015/16/17 VXR. The differences are:

    VX Cruiser HO gains Cruise Assist/No Wake mode, which might be nice on long rides. It has a stepped cruiser seat too, also good for long rides with passengers, but no electric trim.

    VXR gains the racing seat, which is awesome for hard solo riding and also great when you need an observer sitting facing backwards, when towing etc. It also gains the electric trim, but no cruise assist.

    Personally I don't use the electric trim on my 2015 VXR as I find the neutral trim position perfect for all-round riding. But, I do love the racing seat. When high speed solo riding you can move right back and position yourself anywhere, whereas the stepped sit would be annoying. We also tow inflatables and the racing seat is awesome for the backwards facing observer.

    Basically if you mainly go on long rides with passengers I'd buy the VX Cruiser HO and save yourself some money. On the other hand, if you want push hard when solo riding and do a bit of towing as well then seriously consider the extra money for the VXR.

    The extra cost of the VXR does seem like a rip-off though for such minor differences.
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    I have an HO...never rode a VXR to be honest. It's a great machine and the seat is very comfortable. Most posts I see on the VXR mention that they don't ever use the trim. My previous ski had a trim, and I never used it unless I had three adults on it.

    i wish yamaha just sold both seats

    as to's nice on a long trip....I'll be honest. No wake? I use it all the time.

    downside of the Cruiser seat is tall riders because the back rest doesn't move. Also the handlebars are not adjustable.

    i am looking for a second machine. I am considering a VXR or even a new EX for cost...and possibly even a VX. The women is this house don't go fast anyway

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