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    will ride plate help power on take off and planing out?

    I have a 2003 Sea Doo 4 tec, we like to pull tubes on lake but it is sluggish and need more power out of hole.

    Also it has rode with nose too high it seems since we have had it, to mee seems like it need to trim down, but i dont see any trim adjustment and not sure what to do. bought it used a couple years ago.

    Of course the gauge console is not working on it ( as it seems is most for this year model) Any ideas on what to do to replce? I hate to shell out $600 for one.

    Would a ride plate help? What would you guys suggest? I dont know mucha bout PWC, Im a Harley guy.



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    Knowing what model you have may help us give advice but it sounds like you have a 3 seater if you have no trim. A ride plate will do nothing for you with what you want to do. If you want more power out of the hole you should first check the condition of the wear ring and impeller. They will cause cavitation and kill you out of the hole.

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