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Thread: fuel pressure

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    fuel pressure

    fuel pressure 1200 EFI
    what is best way to test fuel pressure I see a schrader valve on return line , Looked in the manual but does not tell what type of gauge? i would not think a tire pressure gauge ??
    I had the center cylinder burn the exhaust side off I think I may had been getting water in the cylinder because the the head had no carbon at all looked like a new head and the other two clyinders did have some color to them the other two cylinder look fine.

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    I dont have any experence with the FI skis, but if it has a schrader valve, any Harbor Frieght / Auto Parts Store will sell fuel pressure guages which will screw right on that port. Plus they have a bleedoff valve/tube so you dont get sprayed with fuel when you disconnect the gauge.

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