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    Question This setup look right?

    Looks like ill be running 117.5 highs, 95 lows, my needle/seat is 1.2, and the springs are shiny silver. This setup good for a stock 02 xlt1200 (d plate mod done)? What pop off would i aim for?

    Rebuilding my carbs now and just wana make sure everything is right!

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    The stock pop off is around 60-65 psi. Anything near there will be fine, you should try to have them all within a pound or two.

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    Take a look at this thread, may be interesting:

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    I took a look at that thread but im Even more confused now! All i want is the stock setup specs for my ski but i can't find them anywhere.

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    You have the right set up for your stocker.

    Just remember to use the stock flame arrestor. When you change to aftermarket arrestors (which are normally much less restrictive compared to the stocker) you will not create the same vacume or ability to pull the right amount of fuel through your jets for your engines needs.

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