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    problem when i hit 6000rpm

    when my engine is hot and i hit the 6000rpm my engine play between 5500rpm to 6000rpm and my finger is at the same place


    sorry for my english im french

    my machine is a f12-x 2004

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    Heat soak. Ur intake temps r getting to hot and ecu is cutting back the boost. I would pull the intercooler off and clean out the water ports. U may have sand buildup inside the ic , which would be the 1 reason this happens with a stock ski. If u do find sand in ic also try to flush the entire engine. Read the thread about 30min will save u thousands . He shows u a problem spot in the exhaust and how to fix it. Gl

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    There is a strong chance your spark plugs might be fouled as well.
    I Would start there.

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