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    1994 slt upgrades

    Hi I have two jet skis ones a 1993 sl 750 mods include newer style jet pump longer ride plate 780 flame arrestor and fuel pump upgrade. My 1994 slt is pretty much stock just the fuel pump upgrade. Im looking for a little more speed from the 1994 it used to be faster then the 1993 til I adjust the carbs to stock settings The 1993 was way off running way to rich. But now the 1994 is just a smiggin slower like 1mph maybe a half mph. Im wonderin if some ocean pro arrestors would give it a little more top end and take off. I just had to replace the fly wheel and magneto last year on the 1994, I lined it up like its suppose to be with the case split wonderin if that might be a little off. Also I have the 1993 running the stock settings on the carbs. Ive ran it that way for over a year and the spark plugs come out slightly brown witch is perefect. Wonderin if its suppose to be different with that 780 flame arrestor. Any advice on the setup for the ocean pros for the 1994 would help. Like jets or just carb screws thanks.

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    Or would a plate, grate, waterbox or impellar be a better choice

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    Ride plate and the extended jet pump with a SS 6 vane would be my recommendation. More speed, better handling and no engine mods required.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xlint89 View Post
    Ride plate and the extended jet pump with a SS 6 vane would be my recommendation. More speed, better handling and no engine mods required.
    780 Exhaust Orifice will give you about 100 RPM (1mph)

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    Ocean pro filters will do little,if it has the upgraded 780 flame arrestor that works better, if it has the stock prop replace with the 13/18 skat trak & a 4* pump wedge this will give you 2mph, & you don't have to tinker with the engine. Ghostinstallations is also right about the 780 exhaust orfice( fitting coming out the top of the exhaust pipe). I have tried every combination of parts on this same ski. If you can get all the parts together for the extended pump conversion, that gave me 1.6 mph alone, but lots of work & $$ involved.

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    The 1993 has the 780 flame arrestor and a 148 pump upgrade the 1994 has the orginal flame The 1994 was faster before the pump upgrade and flame arrestor but know is about 1mph slower wonderin if its the flame arrestor making the difference.

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    Also whats this exhaust orfice Ive heard that before just dont get what part I have to look for do you have a pic.

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    Ok found a slx 780 flame arrestor on ebay for 18.00 free ship I bought it for my 1994 that should help. Wonderin if theres anything I should know about the carbs with this flame arrestor. When I put it on my 1993 I just resset the carbs to factory settings and just checked the plugs the first two times out and the looked golden brown so I left it there.

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    Also someone said that the 93 has a dry exhaust and the 94 has a wet wonderin if that might be it how would I change that over and what would I need etc.

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