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    racing sea doo high compression blown piston

    I have a 787 engine with buckshot high compression heads, Factory pipes exhaust system, buckshot mod carbs, and full out racing hull. have a blown piston going to rebuild it and get it back going need some guidance and some help learning about the racing side of things. I replace engine in PWCs all day during the summers for my dads boat repair shop so i know my way around it just need help on the racing performance side i would like to get it in a race to see what i can do. My uncle raced it and taught me how to race and i just have been to busy to do to much research on my ski but i have time now and ready to get to turning some wrenches. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I believe the reason you don't have many replies here is you didn't really ask a question.

    My suggestion would be to begin tearing the engine down (It appears you have experience doing this) if you run into an issue at that time come back here and make a post about it. Pictures of your problem usually helps and describe your problem in detail but not so long that people just see a wall of text.

    Good luck with your racing endeavors.

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    Thanks for the info i am going to put stock heads back on and i need to know what jets i should use to get performance above stock they are 44s dual.

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