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    ECM Alternatives

    My knock sensor has now arrived and I hope to fit it soon, with a bit of luck that will be the end of my "code 25" fault

    If not I`m gonna need a new ECM - unfortunately that is no longer possible it seems as Honda have abandoned the owners of 2002/2003 models and the parts are obsolete which in my eyes is outrageous - my ski is 9 years old with 74 hours on the clock

    So, if the genuine item aint an option then what are the alternatives?

    I could buy an ECM from a 2004 but this would mean changing the engine and frame looms, even then it may not be totally "plug and play" as Ramone at H2O Extreme reckons that a couple of sensors have to be changed too

    What are the options for non genuine? I know there are standalone ECUs out there that can do a gazillion things and many have chosen this route if they are after more BHP but I simply want something ready to plug in to get me running again without spending a fortune


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    The ECMs are available but they are over $1k due to being obsolete. Many of our Carrier/Trane/----- controls become obsolete after about 10 years and leave production. The only replacements are ones built to the factory specs by outside vendor and sold through the Mfgs parts system at 2-5 times the price....

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