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    weird 97 seadoo gtx starting problem

    so i have just got a new to me 97 gtx. it was having major starting problems when i got it so i replace all the tepo fuel lines and cleaned the carbs and inline fuel filter. I also replace the spark plugs and replaced all the old gas just to be safe. Now it is starting better but still not 100%, when the ski is on the hose it starts great but as soon as its in the water you need to just it some gas to get it going. I have pulled the heads off because i was told by someone that it may need a top end rebuild and here is what i found.
    The ski has 172 hours on it.

    What do you guys think could be causing this?
    Many thanks in advanced

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    Well you should of done a compression check with the head on but you got rust in those cylinders...not good...looks like it had water in the motor. Crank maybe worse...and might have rust as well and then it will let go causing massive damage. Looks like your looking at a bore/hone, new pistons, and prob a crank. Whats the history on this GTX, and what state you in?

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    I did a compression test i should have posted that in the first post its came out to 130psi in both dead on (tested 3 times each wot). I was looking some more at it last night i seen that the mag cylinders gasket is only half there and on the pto side the gasket isnt looking so good. could this have caused it ?

    I bought the ski used about 3 weeks ago when i got it the guy said it had been winterized by a seadoo mechanic and it was stored in a garage all year. I test road it and it seemed good it ran and started nicely there was quite a bit of smoke on start up but this was from the fogging oil. The next time i took it out it was a hog to start so i pulled it out of the water and went home, I did a full carb rebuild and replaced all the fuel lines and now here i am. It starts better now and runs way better then before but it still wont start perfect and that is what im after.

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    my 97 xp with same engine was doing same thing, I took it out last weekend and while riding at WOT my engine gave out and now I need a rebuild, so make sure everything checks out before you take it back out.

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    I'd take some of the above advice and check the crank. Remove cylinders and see how much play you have in the crank arm and wrist pin bearings. If thats withiin spec, I'd hone the cylinders and put on new rings without a bore. If you're getting 130psi as is, you likely do not need a top end. At least my 2 cents.

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