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    951 engine ticking

    Hi All, I'm new to both PWC's and this forum. I have a 2000 GTX (carb) with an engine that is making what I think is an odd ticking sound. When I bought it the ski had a damaged wear ring which I've replaced. I thought the damaged wear ring was responsible for the ticking sound (impeller hitting part of the damaged wear ring) but i'm still getting the ticking sound. With the seat on i can barely hear it, but with the seat off its fairly loud. I've found a video on YouTube of someone else's engine that sounds the same as mine.

    UPDATED --- This is a video of my rave valves pulled and engine running for a couple seconds:

    I've been told these engines are loud and the ticking is normal, I thought someone here might be able to confirm or deny if this ticking is normal.


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    After owning a pair of 1999 GSX Limiteds with the 951 and rebuilding three 951s, I can only offer you bad news. If it is loud, it is most likely the 951 "death rattle." Pull out the spark plugs and power valves and take a look at the sides and tops of your pistons. First time a motor blew the crank/rod bearing came apart and punched a hole in the case. Another motor died due to a gummed up carb filter, and the other from what appeared to be water ingestion. All developed a knock/tick... These motors are glass so make sure your carbs are clean, rubber flaps above the intake horns, and fuel selector valve is flowing well.

    You can see quite a bit of the pistons with the rave valves removed, so I would check those out first.

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    Not normal. At the very least you're looking at a top end rebuild.

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    Thanks for the reply! Sounds like i might be sitting on a time bomb I'm not sure how to gauge whether it is loud or not. Basically with the seats off it sounds somewhat loud to me ... but with the seats on its barely noticeable. I will pull the plugs and rave valves tonight after work and report back.

    Is there anything in particular I should look for to determining if its a top end or bottom end rebuild?

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    oh, i forgot to mention i did do a compression test with my cheap gauge and it reported 120 and 122.

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    I just uploaded a video of my engine. I pulled the rave valves and tried to get a good shot of the pistons. I honestly don't know what I should be looking for but the top of them look really oil/sludge covered. At the end of the video I quickly start it out of water so you guys can get a listen to the rattle.

    Any ideas? Should I be ordering up a new SBT motor? LOL I guess if its only the top end I'd fix it myself but I have a bad feeling its deeper than that. I've read some people when they get the "death rattle" just run them till they blow up but that sounds risky to me ... although I do have a family vacation planned at a lake in a couple weeks and would like to rip around on the Seadoo

    Also, I had it on the water a week ago with the rattle and it seemed to run great ... couple hours with a consistent top speed of 56mph and pulled hard from a stand still.

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    Just had my 98 GSX limited rebuilt last week. Thought I too could get a few more rides out of it with the ticking but no dice
    Local guy pulled it, rebuilt it, installed and tested it in less then a week.

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    Hi synner, did your ticking sound similar to mine (you can hear mine at the end of the YouTube video i posted)? Did you get top and bottom rebuilt?


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    Piston slap and if you keep running it most likely its going to break off a piston my opinion

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    sea-one ... Piston slap would mean i need to rebuild the top end and I should be good to go? If it is piston slap how does this failure occur? I'm wondering so I can try and find the root cause of the failure.

    I'm definitely not running this anymore, breaking off a piston skirt would cause way more damage. If I can rebuild the top end in a week I can still get out on the lake during my vacation!!

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