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    Replacing gun wale rivets with SS bolts and nuts?

    Has anyone done this? If so, what size bolts? I think that I've seen it mentioned that the rivets are 3/16" ( I assuming that all newer Yamahas use the same size).

    I don't see the reason to spend $3/rivet, when a SS bolt is plenty strong and makes the rear turf piece and gun wale much more accessible.


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    You can buy any aluminum rivet-- dont need to use the OEM ones...(but i did when i replaced mine as it was easier to just order them at the same time I ordered the gunwales than to hunt for them locally. )

    I have a couple OEM leftover so I measured them--they are 3/16 in diameter.

    the OEM ones that go around the back are $1.23 each.....these are for a SHO-- i assume they're all the same....(part #26)....

    I think bolts would work better than rivets but I cant reach all the way up inside mine far enough to get a nut on the bolt and then get a wrench on it to tighten it--- if you can reach, I'd use the SS bolts and also use locknuts (the ones with the nylon insert).

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