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    Polaris 750 slt - fix or junk?

    this thing keeps burning holes in the pistons. will be a different one each time.

    got tired of messing with it and let it sit for six years.

    fix it or junk it? when it runs a seems to be a decent ski.

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    sorry it's a 750 slt not a 759

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    I would junk it unless you are absolutely sure you can find the problem of holes in pistons, it is usually caused by a fuel pump/lines/filter/carbs that are not up to par or using 87 octane with ethanol will burn them up real fast.

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    Don't junk it, if you don't want it, I might. But before that. The reason you keep burning holes in the pistons is because of the fuel pump. You need to upgrade to Mikuni three outlet fuel pump. Cheap and worth it.

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    Well, regardless of what was wrong with it six years ago, it is certain to need a thorough going over now before it can become reliable.

    Do you want to have a ready to ride and reliable watercraft?

    Are you interested in putting some effort and money into the project?

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