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    For those running a reflash on the new iControl skis with Bosch ECU - PLEASE READ

    Note: This does NOT apply to you if you are running an older ski with a Siemen's ECU

    If you are running a reflash on a newer iControl ski utilizing a a Bosch ECU then PLEASE READ THOUROUGHLY!!!

    Sea Doo has begun updating all Bosch ECU's from 2009 to present with their latest firmware.
    This update is done automatically any time the ski is brought to the dealer and it's connected to BUDS.

    What happens when the dealer connects it to BUDS is the ECU is updated to their latest firmware which wipes out your tune. The ECU is basically flashed back to stock.
    For those of you that are using the hand held V-Tech Maptuner this is not such a big deal. You will just write a tuned file back to your ski after the dealer is done. As you know, this costs you nothing.

    Now, there are many of you that have purchased the reflash service for your BOSCH ECU and have sent the ECU to me for programming. You have a few options here.

    1) Never let the dealer connect BUDS to your ski. There's always CandooPro if you need to read trouble codes, reset maintenance lights, etc.

    2) I have spoken to V-Tech and they informed me that if an ECU needs to be sent in for a second programming they will charge a discounted rate of $450 to reprogram the ECU.

    3) Purchase a V-Tech hand held Maptuner. V-Tech will give you a FREE tuning credit. This way you can easily write a tuned file back to your ski if the dealer updates the ECU and it's returned to stock. Please remember, this free tuning credit offer is ONLY for those that have purchased the V-Tech programming in the past. When you make the order for the Maptuner in the store you will need to list your original V-Tech programming order number in the comments section. You can purchase your V-Tech Maptuner here in the store

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    is this just for the Vtech reflashes, I spoke to Les when i purchased an 8300 iS ecu and he said it was safe to update his flashes.

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