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    js 550 fuel line question

    Hi my son bought a 85 js 550, it had been sitting for 12 years in a garage.

    I pulled plugs, put in some marvel, cleaned and rebuilt carb, new fuel filter, flushed tank (there is the problem) greased the coupler, new battery.

    the problem.... my son pulled the fuel lines....17 he forgot where they went...

    I mostly have it figured out BUT... there is a electrical valve line in/out, where does that connect? It is all corroded dont think it works, can I bypass? What is it supposed to do?

    Thanks for your help, I have been searching posts, maybe I am a dummy but I cant seem to find anything. Hope someone knows

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    Not certain on that 'Ski, but it sounds like the overheat sensor. There should be a wire that goes to the ignition box, and two water hoses. One water hose goes to a port that sprays water out the side so you can see that it's pumping water.

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    Not sure it looks like it came from the fuel lines. I think once I have it all figured out I will look for an exhaust and maybe a carb but I need to get it running first.

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