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    07 VX Deluxe Temp Alarm Help!

    A Buddy of mine had his ski at the dealer for a temp alarm issue, after weeks of sitting it was returned to him with little info and no diagnosis. Dealer said there was no specific code other than the actual event (temp) occuring at hour xxx. The dealer claimed they cleared it and said go try it. After leaving the ramp it went into limp mode, the warning light started flashing again including the temp indicator.

    He brought over and we went through everything I could think of, I went through the entire cooling circuit, nothing is plugged. I checked the pick up by disconnecting the tee assembly in the hull, and used the garden hose to back flow strait out of the pickup. I pulled all of the hoses and blew them out with air, ran the ski on the hose and pulled the hoses one by one, everything is flowing. Everything is really clean as the ski is well kept, flushed, stored ect. I checked the connection at the temp sensor, nothing loose, ect. Unrestricted flow through the water cooling circuit on the oil cooler, no exhaust hotspots, nothing.

    The wierd thing is you can run the thing on the trailer with the garden hose, but even reving the shit out of it I cannot replicate the alarm. The last couple of water tests all end with the same result. Runs a few minutes then boom, limp mode and temp alarm.

    I looked around the web and found the below statement that was orignally an advertised ''feature.'' Can this relate to the issue and can anyone school on the particulars of its function, as I am not overly familiar with yamahas?

    Thermostatic and Pressure Controlled Cooling System: Water flow through the engine is controlled by a thermostat and pressure system and is maintained by a pressure control valve.

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    Yea, pull the thermostat. That is usually where the problem is at. Its easy to get to and you can test it pretty easily.

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