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    Clamping water hose .... (i've searched) ...

    Hello. I apologize for being new to the forum. I have done a search for my question, but have not come up with anything that i can apply to my boat. It is a 2012 VXS, and the book that came with it is not much help. I've tried to figure out which hose i would need to clamp if i ever have to tow my Waverunner and with all of the hoses, can't come up with the correct one. It looks like there might be a pump on the end of the engine, but i am just not sure. I know the book says that under 5 mph it is not a problem, however as i would not be driving the tow vehicle, i would not have much control of the speed. Hence the question.

    Thank-you for any advice and cheers.


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    Thanks guys, i appreciate the help.

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