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Thread: 2004 FX HO Hull

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    2004 FX HO Hull

    I bought this ski for my conversion documented here: and removed everything I needed. The hull is in pretty good shape - the price was just right and was exactly what I was looking for to do the conversion. No trailer, electronics, driveline, engine, gas tank, etc., but the cables are all good, the hood and seat are in suprisingly good shape. The ride plate and motor mounts are included. Other than what you'd consider to be normal wear and minor scratches, there are couple of gelcoat nicks on the left side that are through to the laminate, which you can see (barely) in the port side picture on the top of the gunwale. I thought I had a closeup pic but cannot find it so I'll take another and post it.

    I have a clean Illinois title and registration for this hull to make it easy for someone to use it for whatever they want, whether it's parts or to build a running ski out of it.

    If you have a wrecked hull with good mechanicals, this could be a cheap(er) fix than buying another one. $500

    HIN: YAMA4490D404

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    I still have this - some guy told me he'd take it and would come to pick it up on 7/6 and never showed. Unfortunately, the 100+ heat around here has not been kind to the seat vinyl so it needs to be re-covered. I should have kept it inside because it really was in good shape at the time I placed the ad. With that in mind I'm lowering the price to $400.

    Here are a couple pics of the seats and also one the gelcoat damage on the left gunwale that I promised originally:

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    Know of anybody coming to florida from your area?

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    I don't, but I wish I was coming down there myself

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    any interest in sellin that water box/tank and hoses ? shipped to 08080 ?

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    Sorry, I'm selling the whole thing and I just got commitment to buy from a guy in Florida so if all goes well it will be gone next week!

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    ok- thanks any way

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