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Thread: 96 sl900 rpm ?

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    96 sl900 rpm ?

    I havent had much seat time on this since I got it at the end of last season. So when I start the ski it goes to about 960 so I use the throttle to keep the ski at 1300. After a while I ease into it and put around for a while then go easy and never hold it open for very long. Max speed is so far 52 @6400 roughly. The issue is when I get back to camp after about 15-20 min of use the idle is about 1350 for a few minutes then drops back to th 850-950 range again. Should I just turn up the idle a little of what? thanks!!

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    Your idle should be turned up to bout 1300. But you said it idles there when you get back to camp, is your throttle possibly sticking?

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