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    MSX 110 Redlines at start

    Hope someone can help... I have an MSX 110 and it was sitting for a few years unused. I just took it to get a tune up and get it running. Thankfully the engine started and it runs however when you start it the engine revs up and redlines. I cant find an experienced mechanic near me but the one i did take it to says the PPU is faulty. I dont want to spend 350$ on a new PPU if thats not the issue.

    Anyone have any ideas on what the problem could be?

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    Out of the water you should always engage Reverse mode before starting the Weber Turbo engine.

    They do sometimes rev up when started. Engaging Reverse limits max RPM to 3500 and allows the engine to settle down.

    In the water it would not rev up the same way as it can when there is no water load on the impeller. You can start it while strapped to the trailer in the water to verify this.

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