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    2000 GTX with intermittent Red light/Maint

    Hi all. New here and was hoping to get a little help. First a little background, our family has a lake house about an hour from where we live, with 2000 GTX Mill. Ed. and I believe it is a DI. My dad was usually at the lake every weekend, but in the last year so, rarely took the doo out. It was for us and his grandkids. We lost my dad in April, and have since been using the lake house/Sea Doo more, now that sports has slowed down for my kids. A couple weeks ago, we got it out of the shed and put it in the water. I checked everything that I knew to check and all was good. It rode great that weekend. The following weekend, had been riding for awhile, no problems. Parked for awhile and then went back out, and after maybe 5 minutes, got a Red Flashing Light and a MAINT. I was cruising pretty good, so I backed off and started heading a little closer to shore. The light went out after a few seconds. I made it back to the dock and parked it. The next day, put it back on trailer and parked it in shed. Gas and oil is all good. This past weekend, rode it with no problems at all. I parked it for about 10 minutes, got my son, and we went out and got the flashing light and maint again. Went ahead and loaded it and back to the shed.

    I have been reading and searching and trying to learn as much as I can, I read about pressing the "SET" button 5 times while the light is flashing to retrieve the code. I went back out there yesterday to see if I could duplicate the "fault" and be able to retrieve the code, to no luck. I rode for maybe 45 minutes total and never once saw the MAINT or light flash. Is there any way to get a code without taking to a shop? I don't think that it is a MAINT reminder, as I have 85.4 hours on it, and I thought that I read that the reminder the light will be solid and mine is flashing. I'm kind of stuck, as I don't want to pull it home just to have it looked at by a shop.

    I'm thinking about changing plugs, filters and oil, and keeping an eye on things until it is winterized. Any thoughts or ideas?

    Sorry, for the long first post, and thanks in advance for any ideas.


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    It is very common for the DI skis to throw intermittent faults like your is doing. You really only have two options. One is for you to find a dealer that still knows how to work on DI's and have them clear the codes and have you run it until it happens again. (good luck with that; hardly any dealers work on these any more...)

    The second option is to buy a Candoopro system (sold in the store..) and diagnose it yourself. It is pretty straightforward to do, and there are lots of resources to help you with this.

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