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    95 750 max running rpm?

    Took my doo out yesterday, toped out at 41 mph and 5710 rpm with one person riding. Then I loaded it up with another person and my son. So the total Pasenger weight was around 450 lbs. still ran 41 mph and 5710 rpm. Now my question. Is it normal to have the same top speed with more Weight on the doo? And, is that the standard max running rpm of this craft? I have a blinking red light and low fuel/ oil gage. Senders are massed up. I do have oil and fuel. Input would be nice. Thx.

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    I've seen my 750 get 6k rpm. Easy. And more weight on the craft would change the RPM's or I would think so..

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    RPM should be almost 500-1000 higher, indicating engine is down on power.

    Speedometer accuracy is not perfect. RPM is the best indicator of engine power and health.

    Get the red lamp problems resolved. It can be hard to tell if there are other issues when you already have warnings happening.

    See my signature links for how to fix the fuel level sender, and many other things.

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    You should be running between 6100-6250 rpms, make sure all 3 cylinders are firing. No it is not normal to be going the same speed with more people versus 1 on the ski. Is this an SLT?

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    Welcome to Green Hulk. Haha... you said doo.

    My '94 750 will rev to 6250 with 1 or more people on it. It does, however, decrease in speed a little the more weight it's carrying.

    Definitely sounds like your not running at full potential. Get your red light issues fixed, check your throttle cable is allowing WOT, check your plugs and ensure all cylinders firing and read the important info in K447's signature link above about getting your ski running properly first!


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