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    900 ZXI impeller and pitch recommendation for magnum pump

    I have a 6 vane skat trak magnum pump on my stock 900 zxi, and I need an impeller for it. It has no mods. I do not race. I am looking for something middle of the road between max acceleration and top speed, but if I had to choose it would be acceleration.

    First, will any impellers besides a skat trak impeller work with this pump? The inside diameter on the hub of a stock impeller is too small to fit this pump.

    What pitch is recommended for a skat trak swirl? I was told by a guy from skat trak 16/23 and impros website recommends 14/19.

    Any other brand recommendations (solas, nu-jet, etc) that you know for sure will work with this pump are appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,


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    I have a 14/20 skat trak prop in perfect condition. 160$ shipped. Let me know.

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