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    2 questions, one about which 7.5A/15A fuse and one about leaving the fuel selecl 'on'

    So, in preparation for heading back to the Lake this saturday, I typically like to prep the jet skis in advance (usually the night before), as there have been a couple times where I've been to the lake and either forgot to plug the jet ski (no damage, just had to let it drain for awhile before I could put it back in the water), or ran the battery to empty trying to get the ski to start before realizing I had the fuel selector set to off.

    So, the first question is, what is the reason for turning it to "off" in the first place? If I set it to on in my garage right now is it fine for a couple days + the 50 mile trip to the lake Saturday morning? I'm just not 100% sure why 'off' even exists other than maybe to swap out the fuel lines?

    Second, when I was troubleshooting a starter issue on my ski a week or two ago, I found that the 7.5A fuse in my rear electrical box was blown so I bought a new fuse kit and I had pulled out both the 15A and the 7.5A fuse. When I went to put them back in I couldn't remember which fuse went where. I looked up the owners manual online and because the orientation is different and the picture isn't fully assembled, it was really hard to tell which fuse went where. I put the blue 15A fuse on the "bottom" of the electrical box with the 7.5A fuse above it (so the 7.5A fuse is closer to the solenoid posts) - is that correct?

    Thanks in advance everyone!

    Edit: Ugh, accidentally bumped the enter key while trying to adjust the title, sorry for the typo.

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    the only reason to turn the fuel valve off - is to prevent engine flooding.. It should not flood unless the needle and seat in the carb is leaking and the fuel tank is under pressure.. It is more of a precaution to shut it off..

    The 15A fuse is the battery and/or main fuse.. The 7.5A fuse is the VTS.. They both should be marked as such on the electric box or module..

    Without knowing the model - I must refer you to the above..

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    Woops sorry, it's a 97 SPX800 (not sure how I forgot that. I didn't see any marking on the module or the electrical box - believe me I looked for awhile, and the manual was just hard to figure out the orientation of the piece to determine which fuse went where. I'll bring an extra set of fuses just in case to the lake, just hoping if I have them backwards I won't damage anything. I would imagine if i put them in backwards the 7.5A fuse would blow immediately no?

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    The 15A goes close to the edge and the 5A goes closer to the center of the module..

    To test for sure - pull the 7.5A (should be 5A) fuse and see if you can crank it over - if it cranks over you have the 15A fuse in the right place.. If not then swap them..

    The 7.5 won't hurt anything either..

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    Ah it was a 7.5 there when I got the ski so I assumed it needed another 7.5. Will leaving the 7.5 hurt anything or should I pop in a 5A? I might have one laying around. Right now I have the 7.5A closer to the center of the module so I think I have it right but I'll do the crank test tomorrow to be sure. To be honest I'm 99% sure the VTS won't work anyway (it's rusted as hell when I open the box - everything is level so I never felt like I really needed it to work).

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    If the VTS blows the fuse when you try to use it - unplug the VTS two pin connector and replace the fuse..

    You have 4 fuses - two in the front box - a 15A and 5A I mentioned.

    And a 15A and 7.5A in the rear box.. 15A towards edge and 7.5A more center..

    So it seems you have them right..

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    Ah OK perfect, thanks! I did check the fuses in the front, they're both good, it was only the 7.5A rear fuse that was blown which I replaced and seems that I have them right. Thanks again!

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