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    looking for SLTX '99 ignition upgrade kit, 2873356 or up to '98 - 2873091

    Anyone know where I might find these parts on the shelf? I have had the shop looking for the '99 kit, they are out of stock, I've been told that you can still get the kit up thru '98 and match it up with the right stator part no. from a 1200.

    if anyone knows a source, please let me know, thanks,

    - waiting for spark on the 3 rivers

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    The only differences between the update kit stators and the 2000-2004 factory production stators is the stator housing where the cable exits. The opening is different in the newer housings compared to the original pre-2000 housings. You can use a newer stator as long as you install a matching housing.

    Or you can modify the cable grommet on a new design stator to work with the older housing.

    Somewhere on here I remember posting which engines/years used which stator grommet/housing versions. Perhaps someone has the link handy?

    Edit: this might help

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    Quote Originally Posted by ironman
    ... I am trying to put an upgrade stator and cdi into my 1999 SLTX 1050
    I got the kit parts in and my mech is not sure where the 2 wires that don't have a
    match hook up.

    The CDI has a grey wire with a female spade, and a black wire with a plug
    the orginal stator wire connectors don't match up, the other end is plugged into the new 9 pin connector on the stator.

    The wire diagram says, gray goes to "tan terminal board post" but none in my
    electrical box, black bullet connector should still be ground but no corresponding fitting

    Your post about the red domestic wiring said, the gray wire is used differently depending
    on the model / version...
    CDI Grey wire with female spade connector is the RPM limiter input to the CDI. The Tan terminals on the board are where the other Tan/Gray wires connect. One Tan wire would come from the exhaust overheat sensor which is mounted on the exhaust manifold. Another Tan wire comes from the MFD display. Follow these wires to locate the Tan terminal block on the terminal board.

    Sometimes the wire colors fade with time so the Tan wire can look almost dirty white or even light pinkish.

    The Black wire with plug (bullet connector?) - I am not sure which wire you are referring to. A wire from the CDI or a wire from the stator?

    If this is a female spade connector on the Black wire from the stator then it connects to the Black terminal block.

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    Thanks, I think the black wire with bullet conn. is from the CDI, I need to get over there and put my eyes on it to see what is causing him the issue.

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    OK, after I got a little better look at the problem, I talked to Jay at Sharp's Marine, Osewego NY, great guy. He was the one who tipped me off that I could use an ignition upgrade kit for the '98 Polaris, but substitute an upgrade stator from the 1200 that is available seperately from Polaris. (anyone need a '98 upgrade stator cheap? I got an extra).

    The wire issue was the gray wire from the upgrade CDI (female) did not have a mate of the same color, the Tan wire which comes from the MFD is the only open wire with a male, sending limiter input to the cdi. The confusion was the wiring diagrams calls for the gray connection to a tan board terminal in the box. The 1999 SLTX has none, because the terminal board for the '99 was moved to the front under the bucket, the MFD connects there and then back to the cdi thru the tan wire.

    The black bullet was connected to ground as it should, but the wiring instructions and the post notes say the stator ground is the only ground, so we cut the thin black wire to the battery and capped it in the box. Just a little uncertainty in realizing the differences in the wires between the '98 SLTX and the '99 with the domestic engine and the extra terminal board in the front electrical box.

    My SLTX is up and running, looking forward to putting it back to work on the rivers and lakes of Western PA. Thanks to all.

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