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    2003 msx 140 problems

    Have been on this forum for a couple weeks reading threads and help links.
    I bought the ski about a month ago and it never has idled on its own, would start a little hard but If u kept your finger on the throttle it would idle, changed tps, no improvement, it also lurches at about 1/4-1/3 throttle, but would run fine past that. Now it has gotten to where it will die immediately at random times runnin full throttle. It now will not start without shooting some carb cleaner or starting fluid in it then it will run great for 10 minutes or so and die immediately.
    Have correct plugs in it, fuel pressure is 22.5psi, new tps, have a little slack in throttle cable.
    ANY help would be greatly appreciated

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    Sounds like the EMM is in need of repair. That would be my first guess.

    Not starting without starter fluid usually means the injector voltage is low, and that is usually a bad EMM. It could be the stator or a sensor, but it seems more likely the EMM.

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    Thanks, guy I bought it from said he put a new stator in last summer, so I'm leaning toward EMM.

    Does anyone know of anyplace either in Indiana or close by that is capable of working on the EMM?

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    The only company I know of that repairs the Ficht EMM is DFI Technologies.

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    Thanx again, I'll look into that and post results when I get it back

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    I did forget to mention that during trying to start, it cranks, and fires, but won't stay running. If I shoot the carb cleaner in it, it wil run for a few minutes then die.

    Just trying to cover all bases, called Dfi technologies today and still feeling the effects of sticker shock, just don't want to put out over $600 if this is something else.

    What are the symptoms of a bad crank sensor? My past experience is no fire at all.

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    Here's something that you could try. I had an issue with my MSX where it was cutting back at full throttle but had good fuel pressure also. What I found was that the fuel line clamps were no way tight enough at the fuel tank. After tightening all clamps further it fixed the problem, which I couldn't pickup by merely testing the schrader valve pressure (was getting good readings). I changed my fuel lines and used the correct reinforced marine lines but they require significant clamping force to eliminate any leaks - ring clamps and socket, screwdriver just wont cut it. I didn't use Oetiker clamps, so I'm not sure if those could loosen up after time if you have those as per factory but I would spend a few bucks on new fuel lines and strong clamps all round before sending out the emm.

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