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    2002 f1 error code

    Our 2002 Aquatrax started flashing a code f1. At slow speeds it would barely go but was still able to throttle up to higher speeds and it drove great.
    Took it into the dealer and they diagnosed a "water temperature sensor" needs replacing. But in addition to that part they say they are required to replace the computer brain which is a $1300 part. Does anyone know if that is correct? Do you automatically have to replace the second part?

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    I would find a different dealer unless he could explain why you need both. The ECT [engine coolant temperature] sensor is a cheap fix. The '02-'03 ECM has almost tripled in price in the last couple of months but does have a high failure rate. I can not tell where you live from your profile so I can not recommend a local shop.....When was the last set of sparkplugs put in it?

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    I agree; find another dealer. The ect is under $15 but takes a bit to change it.
    JR I just started getting code 7's. Planning on changing the ect. Thought it may be the 89 degree lake but changed to a 75 degree lake, no change. The pisser is good and strong. Is there a way of flushing the system as long as I'm changing the sensor? Does it warrant a flush?

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    Since all 3 of mine had all been mistreated by sitting on the end of a saltwater dock for a couple of years, I put a short new garbage can under the pump and blocked off the pisser. I used a small submersible Ace acid pump to pump West Marine Sallt Remover through the flush fitting an let it return back into the barrel [where the pump was located]. By running the engine at idle, I was able to pump a closed circuit of hot Sulfoamic Acid for about 15 minutes. I then chased it with a rinse of fresh water. It really cleaned it up nicely.

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