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    kawi stx 1100 di

    other forum not much help there...thought i'd ask for help here..

    Ok so got ran into trouble here..
    i just cant get the damn impeller housing off (pic 3)
    i tried to hammer it slowly. even tried to use a screw driver to pry it slowly.
    then i took a screw driver to the drive shaft area where it goes into the engine..
    you can see i pryed it alittle bit but i just cant get it off..(pic 4)
    is there something else i am missing to get this thing off?
    is there anything perhaps inside the engine that i have to unbolt?

    is it ok to run the engine for a few seconds without the driveshaft on there? i wanted to run a compression test and also at least see if the darn engine spins before i go further with cleaning up the jet pump.
    also anything recommended to get replaced once this whole thing is off?
    i noticed or i might be wrong but i didnt see a wear ring around the impleller? is this normal for the kawi
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    > Pump housing just pulls out. It looks like it was never been off for pump bearing maintenance or anything and excessive corrosion built up between the pump and the hull.

    > Compression can be run with the coupler disconnect from the shaft. No problem.

    > Check for crack around the area on the hull (inside) where the drive shaft goes thru. That's the weakest spot on this ski's hull. I assume you will do a complete pump rebuild (bearings, seals, impeller clearance check, etc.). There is a ss wearing on that alu pump but there is nothing you can do there.

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    thanks meangreenman

    got it off with some heat!
    so now ,
    this engine has 3 plugs.
    the engine would not spin so i thought the impeller was siezed..that came out true actually due to sand which was found all over the jetpump.
    now i thought to try to turn the engine over and the darn thing will only spin freely when all plugs are off. if i even put one plug on, press start and the it turns alittle bit then stops turning, then it turns a bit then stops. so essentially it really struggles to spin.
    if i have all plugs will turn over fine and when i stop pressing the start button, i can here a hiss sound like the compression or the pison is releasing pressure or something like that.
    also i notice some whitish or milky residue around the plug holes.

    i am thinking no compression, i am also thinking water flooded.
    but if it was water flooded, i should see water splashing out of the plug holes when i press start right?


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    What's the battery voltage?
    What happened on the last ride, flipped over, sucked in water, just stopped running, etc?
    Have you tried to spin the motor by grabbing the coupler by hand with ALL plugs out? It should spin rather easily.
    Maybe there are more than one problem on the sk.i like you were saying.
    Get a compression gauge and measure. It should be 110-120 psi at sea level.

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