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    GP1200r #3 Cylinder HELP!

    Hi all,

    So I recently bought a 2000 GP1200r stock and have put about 20hrs on it (96 total hours on it). About 10 hours ago I started getting an engine temp light. I thought originally it was just because the oil was a little bit low (not dry) so I filled it up and obviously it didn't fix the problem. Read some forums and ended up replacing the cat converter with a D-Plate which was definitely the issue (the cat converter was sideways and causing some major blockage).

    Took it out 2 times for about an hour or two after the mod and everything worked great. Then today took it out for about 4 hours and randomly going top speed the engine just died (no lights/tones). Tried restarting and just got a ticking (wasn't even trying to turn over). Waited a bit and tried again and it would start(barely) and run for about 20 seconds before dying again. Repeated the same process all the way back to shore.

    Took it to a shop and they ran a compression test: Cylinder 1 and Cylinder 2 were 100 whereas Cylinder 3 was dead. I THINK the issue was that the overheating of the engine due to the cat converter caused the cylinders to start going bad...then when I was able to replace the cat converter and run the ski for a while it eventually heated the cylinder until if finally died. Does that make sense? Could that be the issue?

    That being said, the same shop was recommending a whole new engine ( Is that the best way to go about it or should I just do a top end kit (

    Any help/recommendations would be much appreciated!

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    cat did not cause your cylinder to go bad most likely a oil line popped out.

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    So should I just do the Top End Kit and look for the oil line?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JIM'S PERFORMANCE View Post
    cat did not cause your cylinder to go bad most likely a oil line popped out.
    or there is a leak in the engine, mostly the crank seal.

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    Just replace the #3 piston and jug

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