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    Remove Cylinder From Block

    Argh ... Friday night and its my first 951 rebuild. I'm trying to separate the cylinder from the block ... man this thing is stuck! The shop manual says "To ease removal, a plastic tip hammer can be used" ... is the hammer for my head because that might be less painful I can't get this thing to budge!

    Any suggestions on how to remove the cylinder?


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    Pretty easy:

    1. Heat up in oven
    2. Use a shop press

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    is it carb or DI?

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    Thanks for the replies ... Its a Carb (silver) block. I did manage to get it off. I used a small flathead screw driver that was a bit thinner than the base gasket. I then gently tapped it into the gasket try not to damage any aluminum. It did leave some marks on the bottom end so hopefully that isn't an issue, but it did finally come off. Maybe all the hitting with a rubber mallet helped.


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