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    Need help with running issue on 1996 twin carb wave venture

    I just bought a 1996 wave venture from a guy in NY. Thing was said to run good, Got in the water and died. Out and in the water, it does not want to stay running. Fuel filter not filling. I removed the carbs, checked them out. Needle and seat in one was stuck, replaced it, and replaced the diaphram by the needle and seat on both carbs.

    Now I ran it, and it will run, start running the rpms up on its own, and almost afraid of it getting too high in the rpm, I'll shut it down. Then sometimes it willl just idle and again start running up.

    I removed all the old fuel before this started. new gas, checked all the lines and such.

    Need some advice of where to start. Getting fuel now in filter no problem. Just that it will run up and then sometimes just die out. need this to run as I am going on vacation in 4 weeks.

    Please help!!

    if anyone can call me with insight, my number is 973-277-4294


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    you will need to go completely through the fuel system and correct all problems found, you will need a manual, chk the stickys here for info, all the info you seek is there.

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