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    Replacing Termina Pins for ECU

    I need to replace a couple of bad terminals in the A side wiring harness at he ECU plug for my 2002 GTX 4tec. I located the pins seadoo part # 278001750.

    My question is what is an alternative to the Seadoo Crimping tool 529035909 at a cost of $188 and the Crimping die 529035909 at a cost $318 . I realize seadoo does not make this tool and there has to be a reasonably priced tool out there to crimp the terminal to the wire. What is everyone else using?

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    I believe that is an AMP connector. Try fleabay?

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    No it is not the deutsch plugs or AMP it is for the 41 pin Kostal plug into the ECU the pins are something like 1.2mm

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    I dont know which connector type you need to do, but I sell these tools for the AMP connectors.....

    Hope that helps.

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