'04 RXP
  • Vtech tune with 8300 RPM rev limiter.
  • XSC
  • JfizzleJR IC kit
  • Riva rear air intake
  • TDR style waterbox
  • 81mm Venturi nozzle
  • R&D intake grate
  • Current prop Solas 15/20R repitched to a 15/22++ with speedfreeks cone

I would like to pitch for 8100-8200 RPM. I cannot seem get off the rev limiter. Was all over it with a 15/20. Repitched to 15/22 and still all over it. Repitched again to 15/22++ and I'm still hitting 8250-8300 RPM.

Need some ideas on what I can do to get off the limiter. We're just about to our hot season here. My situation will be even worse come the cooler fall and spring weather. Would it be worth it to try a 15/19 3 blade? Is the root angle of the Solas 15/22R different than a Solas 15/20R? If the 15/22 has a different root angle maybe that's a better option than the repitched 15/20 that I'm running? I'm out of ideas, and I do not want to raise my rev limiter.