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    Waveraider 1100 fuel issue

    Hey everyone, long time reader here, first post. This forum is great and full of good info.

    I have a fuel issue with my raider. I've confirmed that the pump is pumping fuel, there is spark and good compression. The motor won't start, it doesn't even try. If I spray fuel in the intake it fires right up so everything there is good.

    I'm not getting any fuel out of the return line and I can't blow into the supply side of the fuel rail. That makes me think there is a clog in the rail. Does that seem reasonable to anyone? Seems odd to me since there is a filter and a pump to clog first.

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

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    probably something clogged in the carbs. best bet would be to rebuild, however for now you could remove and try to clean them thoroughly and see if that is your issue(has to be if the ski runs with gas poured in and you know the pump is working..only thing left IS the carbs)

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    Thanks demented,
    I opened the carbs up and it looked like a rock candy factory in there. I tried to take them apart but the little screws were all rusted. One stripped, another snapped, so it's new carb time. I found a decent looking set on ebay for $200. Comes with the fuel pump and airbox. Hopefully, they are clean and ready to roll.

    Should I just bolt them up and see if they run or should I clean them out? If I were to open them up to check them out and clean them up, can I put them back together with the parts and seals they came with or do I need to purchase a rebuild kit? The seller says they were rebuilt two seasons ago, so I'm hoping the internals and rubber parts are still in decent shape. I know I should probably rebuild them for good measure, but the $150 rebuild kit is not in my "toys" budget right now.

    What do you guys think?

    Thanks again.

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    You should at least open the carbs up and check them out. Just make sure the little filters inside are clear, and they're not gummed up inside. You might want to make sure that the previous owner didnt rejet them for a different application.

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    also use a impact drill to remove screws, if not you do have a very big chance of stripping the screws. Also definitely recommend a rebuild but if you can't then like mentioned at the very least look over them and clean the fuel filters out, check the jetting like mentioned as well to make sure its stock, then reset the hi/low screw to factory default, also inspect to see if the fuel return is a pin size hole or larger to see if the "update" was done to the carb's..

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    The returns are plugged probably the internal filters as well. sounds like the ethanol gods got you.

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