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    1997 SPX800 stopped running after 30 seconds, lanyard no longer beeps? Saga continues

    So I have this ongoing saga with my 1997 SPX800 where it pretty much stops working every time I put it in the water, then I fix something then it works for a bit (a bit can be anywhere from 10 seconds to 4 hours) before it stops working again.

    Anyway, I replaced a faulty starter in it last week, test started it in my garage good to go, took it to the lake today. I put it in the water, hopped on, popped the lanyard on, 2 beeps, hit the start button and it fired right up and i started cruising around at a low speed to let it warm up for a bit. After a short time (maybe 15-20 seconds max, I gave it a tiny bit more throttle, and hit a very tiny wave (and when I say tiny I mean like an 8" wave, enough to make the ski bounce ever so slightly - nothing out of the ordinary at all), and BAM, ski immediately stopped. I tried hitting the start button - nothing. Pulled lanyard off and put it back on, no beeps. I poked around inside the ski a bit, battery cables were both connected just fine (on both the starter side and battery side, also they're new cables), both fuses in the rear electrical box at least are fine, none of the wiring in the rear electrical box looked any different/worse than yesterday. I checked the front wiring just to make sure there weren't any wires hanging anywhere, everything was plugged in and none of the wiring looked like it had pulled out of any plugs.

    I'm not really sure where to even start at this point. I'm hoping it's something super ridiculous/simple - any ideas?

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    Good read thanks (unfortunately looks like he hasn't yet solved the problem though, hopefully I don't have that many issues). I guess tomorrow I'll spend some time disconnecting all the wiring at the front of the ski one at a time and inspection all the connections everywhere to make sure it's all good and go from there.

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    Might want to check the ground wire and that all connections are clean and tight as it does sound like an electrical problem.

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    I did triple check the ground wire (at least on the battery and starter side - the ground wire that goes from the battery to the electrical box is spliced together but I redid the connection much better a week or so ago. Not sure if the rear electrical box ground wire would completely prevent the beeping or not though. I will check that connection when I check all the front wiring.

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    My 96 800xp did the same thing on two separate occasions. First time it was the ground @ the block. Second time it ended up being a corroded ground going to ignition box. May have nothing to do with yours just sounded similar. Good luck.

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    Ok so, after spending awhile checking every single connection in the front of the ski (no corrosion, everything looked good on all connectors no pins sunk), and checking the MPEM box and everything looked good in there, I checked the rear electrical box again and noticed that the 7.5A fuse was blown. Now, I had my suspicions this fuse would blow anyway since it's for VTS and my VTS is locked up tight, I imagine it will just not work, but then I got to thinking. I put a new 7.5A fuse in there and the beeps came back and the starter turned just fine.

    So then I took the fuse out altogether - nothing. I then took the 15A fuse out, moved it to the spot I had the 7.5A fuse in, and the beep returned (without anything plugged into the other fuse port).

    So, the question is to REALLY be sure - the ski should not be able to run without the 15A fuse in the rear electrical box, but it should be fine without the 7.5A VTS fuse, correct? If so then I guess I had the fuses backwards even though I checked the fuse diagram and it REALLY looked like the 15A was supposed to be on the 'bottom' of the box whereas the 7.5A was supposed to be on top of that, but I guess it was backwards.

    Just looking for confirmation that the ski will not run without the 15A but will run fine without the 7.5A in the rear electrical box so I know that I have them correct now.

    I guess it would make sense too, since it ran fine until I gave it some gas to jump a wave - I assumed the jerking of hitting the water over the wave was what did it, but probably the blip of the throttle raised the amperage enough to kill the fuse.

    Side note: Getting the MPEM box CLOSED again after it's open is just about the biggest pain in the ass ever. Wires kept wanting to pop out the sides preventing me from shutting it. Took longer to close the box than everything else combined.

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    >>> So, the question is to REALLY be sure - the ski should not be able to run without the 15A fuse in the rear electrical box, but it should be fine without the 7.5A VTS fuse, correct? <<<


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